Whirlpool fxtm6 инструкция

whirlpool fxtm6 инструкция
Smart Clean allows you to hygienically clean the oven without using any detergents. A special coating on the inside of the oven allows steam cleaning, simply insert the container with 250 ml of water, turn on the program, and after the program sponge to wipe off residual dirt. Select one of 30 pre-set recipes, and your oven will automatically adjust cooking, temperature and time settings, while continually monitoring your dishes, to ensure perfect results. Standard cavity This Whirlpool Oven features a standard-size cavity. You can also download your user manual here. With the innovative Cook3 function, you can cook up to three separate dishes at the same time, without the risk of aromas mixing.

References and Resources Whirlpool: Electric Double Oven Induction Range Whirlpool: Use & Care Guide: Self Cleaning Electric Ranges Real Simple: How to Clean an Oven. Simply add 200cc of water to the oven cavity, run the SmartClean cycle, then wipe with a dry cloth. For lightly-soiled ovens, set cleaning time to 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Press the “Auto Clean” button on the oven’s control panel; the button might say “Precise Clean” on some Whirlpool models. For normal use, oven door removal is not recommended. You have to hold it on for a couple of seconds. Whirlpools bruksanvisningar följer med produkten vid leveransen. Du kan också ladda ner din bruksanvisning här.

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