Инструкция к стиральной машине whirlpool awg 334

инструкция к стиральной машине whirlpool awg 334
Drafting errors on diagrams are minimized because any corrections pointed out in subsequently published errata notices have been made; this alone can save many frustrating hours of troubleshooting. Designed for use with load of 10K or larger. Same diode types are used in product detector for final SSB signal, lower right, which is diode ring demodulator taking injection voltage from carrier oscillator.

Стиральная машинка Whirlpool инструкция: как скачать Найти руководство к любой модели стиралки Whirlpool можно на нашем сайте. Tap 7 turns from each end. (Amidon Associates, 12033 Otsego St N Hollywood, CA 91607.) L3 — 28 turns No. 24 enam. wire on Amidon T-50-2 toroid core. Coupling through 150-/*F capacitor to silicon diode string D,-D„ provides variable re- sistance needed to achieve variable gain.

Resistance var- iation is linear with voltage over several de- cades of resistance, to give excellent electronic gain control. When R9 is set to new position, voltage differ- ence is amplified by error amplifier U2. Com- parators U3 and U4 determine rotation direc- tion needed for rebalance and deliver logic circuits to timing circuit (also given in article) that drives motor and brake release relays. Complete mailing addresses of all sources are given below, for the convenience of read- ers who want to write to the original publisher of a particular circuit. Addition of VOUT dashed components to simple voltage-follower design gives near-perfect performance. — C. An- dren. Microphone with flat frequency re- sponse over audio band is used to pick up re- sulting noise at some center listening point in room being equalized.

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