Philips dvdr520h/02 инструкция про

philips dvdr520h/02 инструкция про
For other channels (7-69), the channel will be decided as soon as you enter the channel number. The Undercover Economist — by Tim Harford Copyright 2007 LeverCo Ltd. When you record a TV program, only the audio selected here will be recorded. The menus allow you to change the various kinds of settings for playing back, recording, or editing to suite your preference.

Page 73: Step By Step Playback, Slow Forward / Slow Reverse Playback, Time Shift Playback Step by Step Playback 1) During playback, press [PAUSE F]. Playback will be paused and sound will be muted. 2) Press [NEXT ] repeatedly. Resume ON 2) Press [PLAY B]. In a few seconds, playback will resume from the point at which it stopped last. Available subtitle languages can be found on the disc case.

Tipps » Haushalt » Codefree: So laufen DVDs aus anderen Ländern auf Ihrem DVD-Spieler Viele DVD-Player lassen sich unter Eingabe bestimmter Tastenkombinationen für andere Ländercodes freischalten. Page 39 INFORMATION ON RECORDING Recording Mode You can select a recording mode among 6 options, and the recording time will depend on the recording mode you select as follows. Where do I find the type number on my product? Although DVD+R are playable on other units without finalization in most cases, it is recommended to finalize in order to stabilize the performance.

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