Таймер икеа 21246 инструкция

Each of the 6 chambers can be filled with liquor or mixers. LinYee Yuan Steamer Set by JIA Inc These ceramic, wood and terracotta stacking steamer set is a contemporary take on a traditional piece of Chinese cookery. LinYee Yuan Nomad Furniture System by Gary Sung The Second Place winner of the student design competition, Gary Sung’s (Purdue University) Nomad is designed for apartment dwellers. LinYee Yuan Stasher by modern-twist These plastic-free reusable and self-sealing storage bags use platinum silicone (the highest grade, medical silicone) for snack and lunch storage. Jenn Tsang Walnut Scrub Sponge and Scour Pads by Full Circle Full Circle’s walnut sponge and scour pads use natural materials from the shells of the nut.

LinYee Yuan Universal Plus by Bosch An update of the 1952 Bosch Universal, the Universal Plus is a mixer with a number of attachments for whipping, mixing or kneading. LinYee Yuan Tovolo Stacking Trays Tovolo’s popular ice trays for those giant spherical or cubed cocktails can now be stacked for space saving in your freezer. LinYee Yuan La Bella by Chef Topf Korean brand Chef Topf introduces a line of ergonomic non-stick ceramic coated cookware. Другие модели Легко переключаться между 4 функциями: время, дата, температура, таймер и обратный отсчет.

LinYee Yuan Popsicle Molds by Tovolo Tovolo owns a big chunk of the specialty ice cube business and these new character molds—tiki head, yeti, robot—in silicone are a great way to kick off the summer. The strainer basket can be tipped to send crawfish straight into a cooler for serving. LinYee Yuan HYDAWAY The market for collapsible water bottles seems indefatigable and these colorful options from HYDAWAY are pocket-sized! LinYee Yuan ONLY Paint Brush by Christopher Crowley The first place winner of this year’s student design competition, Christopher Crowley’s (Virginia Polytechnic) paint brush is ergonomic, easy to clean and store. LinYee Yuan Lemon Drops by Full Circle An all-in-one citrus squeezer and ice maker from the sustainable product brand.

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