Torque pro инструкция на русском

torque pro инструкция на русском
Low at 5%, 20 h. Medium at 30%, 8 h. High at 100%, 1.6h. General Mode:The factory preset modes control the brightness of the IR850 illuminator.The three modes are designated on the tail cap that activates the modes. This way when moving your scope from one gun to the next you can simply select the Profile that you have already created for this gun. The Voice of Torque Control Manuals “The copyright in all of the documents listed below belongs to Norbar Torque Tools Ltd – all rights reserved. After the IR850 is assembled into the mount.

Незаменима для обладателей сканера ELM327. Русифицирована. — ScanMaster ELM v2.1 Rus — Программа для диагностики ЭБУ, поддерживающих OBDII. Обладает уймой возможностей. Mode — allows you to switch the mode (ON/OFF) Hibernation Time — can be 1 – 60 min Profiles/Zero CURRENT Zero Reticle — allows to enter zeroing mode. Profiles which are not in use are situated in the Other section.

The TORQUE also has loud, dual-front speakers, activated by a dedicated Speaker Key located on the top of the phone. The button is also utilized for Push-to-Talk walkie-talkie operation (compatible PTT app necessary). Push-to-Talk works over 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi® networks. You can enter the information through the Environment short cut or you can utilize your mobile device (running the Obsidian App with a Wifi connection to your scope) whichever you find easier. Due to this flexible architecture, the K-Chief 600 system can connect additional I/O modules in the network at any time.

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