Инструкция на русском car system touch up

When active, a tire shiner extends out towards the vehicle and applies a water or silicone-based tire shine product to its brush, which in turn applies the product to the tire. Dull yellow — this page is visible in the step sequencer section, but is not currently playing. When the robot is placed in the automatic mode of operation, the program is replayed from memory and a duplicate path is generated. The restricted envelope of the robot can overlap a portion of the restricted envelope of other robots or work zones of other industrial machines and related equipment. This mechanical unit is also comprised of a fabricated structural frame with provisions for supporting mechanical linkage and joints, guides, actuators (linear or rotary), control valves, and sensors.

Volume Mode.In Volume Mode, the encoders control volume of the eight selected tracks.Pan & Send Mode.In Pan & Send Mode, press once to control pans. Teach Mode The control state that allows the generation and storage of positional data points effected by moving the robot arm through a path of intended motions. Environmental accidents from arc flash, metal spatter, dust, electromagnetic, or radio-frequency interference can also occur. In addition, equipment and power cables on the floor present tripping hazards. There are also commercial bikini car washes, where bikini-clad women actually wash the cars for a fee and the entertainment of the drivers. After pressing a device or preset load button, the button will turn amber. Joint Motion A method for coordinating the movement of the joints such that all joints arrive at the desired location simultaneously.

Solutions to environmental hazards should be documented prior to equipment start-up. Program touchup is another of their jobs as is scheduled maintenance, and adjustments of tooling, gages, recalibration, and many other types of functions. You can also adjust these note-specific parameters for multiple steps at the same time. To do this, press and hold all of the pads you’d like to adjust, and then tweak the encoders. Ruptured hydraulic lines could create dangerous high-pressure cutting streams or whipping hose hazards.

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