Инструкция по установке apexi s afc 2

инструкция по установке apexi s afc 2
When the vehicles speed is 0km/h this will be the new rev limit. Since high-flow injectors allow for increased fuel injection, enter this percentage as a negative value to balance the SAFC 2 baseline with your modified injectors. 5 Locate a safe and legal roadway on which you can wind the engine out to its rpm redline. This should allow for more accurate tuning as there is room for «increased» load because there are 5 or 6 «points» to advance in load before its at max again. Infinitely scalable, as we can rescale any given airflow meter.The most commoin airflow meters are supported out of the box, Z32, Q45 and Apexi Power Intake.

Use this infusion to wash her nedelyu.Donnik drugs commonly used drugs and poisonous plants in small doses and only after consulting your doctor, who will give the patient instructions for creating and using at least three times. With that being said, I don’t see why an SR couldn’t fit with a little ingenuity. In Japan, the Bluebird (as it was called there), had an optional 2.0L inline-six. There are various installation methods for the Djetro Map Sensor depending on the Car Model. Logic says it should bring on boost a bit quicker but it doesn’t appear to do squat.

Previously the older style new units were the main ECU only. This was a gold stylish hand controller and worked just the same as the normal hand controller units. I Suspect it was a plain run of X001 hand controller to suit most models as there was only 100 made. This is the Driver’s Door Switch (DDS). Turn the ignition from OFF to ON. Press the DDS at least 5 times within 7 seconds after turning the ignition switch ON. Turn the ignition OFF. Close the driver’s door. Once it has been secured with the holding down brackets/screws you are now almost ready to start your. The Datalogit kit is required when you move to a Q45 airflow meter or other unsupport airflow meters as you need to alter the airflow voltage ramp table. There are no hardset limits in terms of power, killowatts, horsepower or turbo size etc its purely as good as your tuner. So if you have a good tuner then there is no logical/physical boundary etc.

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