Pioneer mj d508 инструкция

pioneer mj d508 инструкция
Качество картинки очень хорошее, аналогично car audio JVC-Panasonic-Alpine. Page 34: Specifications A damaged power cord can cause a fire or give you an electrical shock. Press MENU and select MOVE. Remember: switch between menu options using the $ and › buttons;… Page 30: Erasing Tracks On A Disc 7 Editing Erasing Tracks on a Disc Erasing unwanted tracks on a disc frees up disc space for further recording.

Tracks can appear more than once in the playlist, or can be left out entirely. Unlike a cassette tape, all the material after the point at which you start recording is lost. The disc can be stopped (with the track information shown in the display), or Display shows track 4 selected in play-pause mode.

Page 10: Front Panel Controls And Display 3 What’s What Front Panel Controls and Display MINIDISC • Dolby noise reduction Front Panel manufactured under 1 MD loading slot license from Dolby 2 Power light – lights when the unit is on. Договорная Киев, Голосеевский Сегодня 15:44 3 413 грн. Page 25: About Md Editing, Naming A Disc 7 Editing About MD Editing The MD system allows for very flexible editing of discs. This chapter takes you through the basics of using the MD recorder —playing discs and making a recording from the CD receiver.

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