Electronic portable scale (инструкция)

Hard, caked on dirt and debris can be difficult to remove with just a damp or dry cloth. Vacuum Methods Vacuum methods can be used when it is necessary to sample very large surface areas or surfaces which are porous or irregular such as carpeting, where it is impractical to use swabs or wipes. The amount of light reaching the detector is proportional to the number of particles passing through the detection chamber. You can charge the scale from the mains, from a PC using a USB port or in a car. Exercise caution in cleaning the lamp window, as these are fragile. They’ll sometimes throw your box around like a football before they deliver it.

This instrument will measure count rates over a range of 0–500,000 cpm. Place the scale on the mousepad and power the unit on. Spectra can also be downloaded to a computer if the user wishes to perform the spectral analysis manually or wishes to print the spectra for documentation. Special Considerations Certain instruments have been designed to satisfy the requirements for intrinsically safe operation in methane-air mixtures.
Depending on the model, various filters are available from the manufacturer to remove chlorine, ammonia, and other interfering contaminants upstream of the sensor. For example, if you are looking for a pocket-sized jewelry scale, simply enter «jewelry pocket digital scales» into the search bar at the top of the page. Calibration PIDs are calibrated using a reference gas, usually isobutylene. Changes in total atmospheric pressure caused by changes in altitude will influence the instrument’s response.

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