Инструкция на helicon photo safe

инструкция на helicon photo safe
Importing When you import images, you can view image thumbnails, select which images to import, delete images, create and choose target folders, and set automatic file renaming, etc. These basic tutorials will reveal the key aspects of focus stacking with Helicon Focus. A lot of pictures and useful tips will help you to discover all the possibilities of this photo technique. Helicon Focus — программа, которая создает одно полностью сфокусированное изображение из нескольких частично сфокусированных, комбинирую сфокусированные области.

Wide file format support (JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, DNG, and various manufacturer-specific RAWs) means you should be able to see everything that matters, and you can browse other folders in a click or two. The db creation takes some time but is very useful since navigation is then fast. Upload to Picasa, Facebook, and Flickr Helicon WebGate can upload images to the three most popular web galleries and can store your credentials if you wish. Saturation You can saturate the colors or make the image greyer by increasing or decreasing the saturation. Categories Categories (which are also «tags» or «keywords») are virtual collections of images. Image straightening Simply draw a line along an area that should be straight (such as the horizon, for example), and the program will automatically rotate the image the right amount.

Assigning a rating You can assign a rating by dragging and dropping or by using shortcuts. Mobile phone camera For importing images to your hard drive from the camera on your mobile phone. This isn’t just some static full-screen display, either. This layout is borrowed from popular file managers like Total Commander, Far, etc.Photo Safe can make your image management process more simple, elegant and professional. It is integrated with Helicon Filter — the software for image editing.

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