Инструкция yamaha 85 aetx

инструкция yamaha 85 aetx
That’s why so many boaters won’t trust their free time to anything else. Power valve actuation can be by mechanical (RPM dependent) or electric (servo motor) means increasingly with electronic control. Эта модель оснащена гидроприводным механизмом изменения угла наклона двигателя. Shortly after the exhaust port is uncovered by the downward travel of the piston, the transfer ports begin to be uncovered.

Electronic control offers a greater degree of accuracy as well as being able to vary the opening of the valve and be tuned to conditions. The power stroke begins after the air-fuel mixture is ignited. These manuals pertain to models sold in the United States back to 1998. Printed copies of owner’s manuals can be purchased at Yamaha Online Technical Manual Site. The display can also be turned on and off. Always disconnect the black negative cable first to prevent the risk of shorting.

The two-stroke power valve system is an improvement to a conventional two-stroke engine that gives a high power output over a wider RPM range. Modifications could make the motor unfit or unsafe to use. Ring Free Fuel Additive… Page 45: Starting Engine Operation Attach the engine stop switch lanyard to a secure place on your clothing, or your arm or leg. Page 30: Low Battery Voltage Warning Indicator, Fuel Management Meter, Fuel Flow Meter Get back to the port soon if a warning de- mal operation. Properly designed exhaust systems help minimize the amount of raw fuel loss in the exhaust process, but a two-stroke engine will always waste some fuel (modern direct injected engines being an exception to this). Many producers of two-stroke performance bikes fit them with the exhaust valve systems. Page 68: Checking Propeller Activate the trim-up switch until the tilt rod is fully extended.

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