Инструкция ferm fbf 1200

инструкция ferm fbf 1200
Read more FERM power tools Product Management is central to every product development process. Инструкция (pdf, англ, 973 Кб)Роликовое приспособление для фрезера. What is the warranty period?Warranty periods vary per country and point of sale.

What should I do?First, check whether you can resolve the problem yourself by referring to the user manual supplied upon purchase. No longer have the user manual to hand? What now?First always check whether it is the power tool battery or charger that is defective.This can be done by connecting a multimeter to the charger. If the charger still issues power then it is not usually defective. Check if there is a safety feature in operation and if there is power at the socket. If so, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased your FERM power tool. We have developed product videos for certain products. Если Вы занимаетесь ремонтом инструмента, вы обязательно найдете якорь Makita, якорь Bosch у нас!

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact the respective dealer or email us directly. My FERM dealer does not want to help me. Where can I order it?Every FERM power tool has an individual article number. Стоимость доставки товаров весом до 7 кг. по Зеленограду составляет: 300 руб.Стоимость доставки товаров весом до 7 кг. по Москве (в пределах МКАД) составляет: 500 руб.Стоимость доставки товаров весом более 7кг, а также крупногабаритных товаров, определятеся отедльно. All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT as well as postage and packaging costs.

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