T.e.t. ytx20l-bs инструкция

t.e.t. ytx20l-bs инструкция
Personal Safety Remove all jewelry when working with your ATV battery, and wear clothes that you do not mind ruining. If you get any sulfuric acid on your person, it eats away clothing. For best results use the battery immediately for 3 to 5 cycles before storing it for any duration. Keep the canisters in an upright position and apply gentle downward pressure, slowly adding more pressure until all the seals are punctured. Wear safety goggles, and consider purchasing lightweight work gloves to protect your skin. Novellbatt batteries are currently used in more than 12 countries.Some of these batteries are also suitable for use in quadbikes, jet skis, ride-on lawnmowers and trolling motors for bass boats.

Finally, never touch metal to the positive and negative battery posts at the same time. The canister should be even and self supported. Since this is a 12V battery, there will be 6 cells to fill with the electrolyte solution. You will need safety gloves, goggles, water close by and someone within yelling distance who can come to your aid in case of an injury. Sometimes batteries wear out prematurely, either from incorrect use or external conditions. If your ATV battery is only a year or two old and does not work, you can refurbish it to get better performance and reduce possible damage.

ETX36D — EarthX Lithium Batteries — OEM LIthium Batteries for All Motor Sports Back to top EarthX, Inc., P.O. 767, Windsor, CO, • USA Toll Free 844.220.6230 • 970.674.8884 Use discount code CJP10 to get $10 off a Charger when purchased with an EarthX Battery. Just quickly wash water over any exposed areas. You can also purchase a digital battery analyzer if you want to see the before and after statistics of the desulfation process. Carefully align the canister tubes with their corresponding cells. This may require some muscle to get the cap flat so that it is perfectly sealed. IGel Batteries — Injected with Gel electrolyte, this new iGel battery is of superior performance.

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