Лего херофактори рока xl инструкция

Серия Lego Hero Factory рассказывает о фабрике по сборке роботов – героев, которая находится в городе Макухеро. Jaw Beast — One of the Beasts from under Antropolis that has a big jaw and menacing pincers. Informazioni su Logistica di Amazon . Nota: Questo articolo può essere consegnato in un punto di ritiro.

Surrounded, Breez talks to the queen and convinces her to free the other heroes and let them all leave. But if it’s a Hero you want, then I would suggest going for Rocka 3.0, Bulk 3.0, or one of the other smaller guys. Rocka XL is unique in this line because he is a larger construct of a smaller figure that was also released in the same wave. Julius Nex — Socially nuanced and technologically gifted head of Hero Outreach and a rookie on Alpha 1, with a love for gadgetry. Because of his more smaller-Hero-style build, coupled with the friction sockets, Preston is capable of a huge range of motion. Nex concludes that it would only be able to transport three Heroes.
Meanwhile in Makuhero City, the heroes are going around in the public, signing autographs, giving away robo-balls, and giving interviews. Zib explains that the brains are forcing the hosts to destroy Hero Factory, and they need upgrades. Stormer looks very impressive and powerful. If not a little overly bulky and a little boring. Instead of only using the new ball-joint pieces, it attempts to utilize some technic pieces to reinforce the body and limbs. It’s a little jumbled in places, but it is very different from the standard Hero and animal builds of the cheaper sets. Note: This item is eligible for click and collect.

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