Инструкция casio amw-701

инструкция casio amw-701
Каковы условия оплаты и доставки? Мы не берем предоплату. Вы можете ее внести по собственному желанию. Find the «B» button, located by the upper-right corner of the watch face. Заказ по каталогу Популярные модели находятся в нашем каталоге: раздел каталога с ремешками. Вы можете перейти в каталог, добавить нужный Вам товар в «Корзину» и оформить заказ обычным образом.

Important! The fishing/hunting level indicator and moon phase indicator produced by this watch are all based on calculations that use the watch’s current time, date, and Home Site settings. For more information, see «Fishing/Hunting Mode». Important! • Be sure to configure the current time and date, and your Home Site data (data for the site where you use the watch) correctly before using the functions of this watch. The watch uses several factors in its calculations, including the current time, date and user’s location. As such, for the device to provide accurate information, users must first input the proper data into the watch’s memory, using four buttons set along the periphery of the watch face. Press the «D» button and repeat with the day setting. Timekeeping Mode Timekeeping Fishing/hunting level indicator PM indicator Day of week Month – Day Hour : Minutes Seconds Digital Time and Date Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view a digital display of the current time and date. Press the «D» button to proceed to the time format setting.

OUTGEAR | Timepieces | CASIO Resin Band Stainless Steel Band Resin Band Resin Band Stainless Steel Band Resin Band Resin Band Stainless Steel Band Resin Band Related Links Support. Press the «E» button to reset the seconds setting to zero. Press or hold down the «B» button to change the latitude setting.

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