Gloss meters инструкция

Applications vary widely from floor maintenance, floor polishing, marble polishing, to quality control of paint finishes on cars and appliances. Remote control is possible by connection with an external unit like PC through RS-232C interface. Accessories:Carrying case, handy wrist strap, manual, software CD, USB cable, calibration reference and AC adapter.

The intensity of this reflected light is measured as gloss. The data can be transmitted via Bluetooth or via USB cable. With high gloss, the light that hits the surface is emitted directly in the main reflection direction. In this case, the reflection angle is equal to the angle of incidence. The measurement geometry describes the angle at which the light beam is emitted.Due to their nature, certain kinds of surfaces require certain measuring angles to ensure accurate gloss measurement. Calibrations are performed using a black glass standard. For example, for determining the gloss of paints and varnishes, as a rule, a measuring range from 0 to 100 gloss units is sufficient.
Even a sample of high gloss and specular gloss can be measured in an instant by the equipped automatic sensitivity switchover function. Exclusive printer and data transfer software are available for use (option). The meter is laid on the surface to display the gloss value instantaneously.

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