Инструкция к эпилятору филипс сатин айс

инструкция к эпилятору филипс сатин айс
Исчезли ли волосики? Я стала использовать это средство, как было написало в инструкции. И что вы думаете? Борьба с ними отнимает время, а результат дает, как правило, кратковременный. When the battery is running low the battery icon will flash an angry shade of red: Just because the battery dies on you doesn’t mean you need to commit to spending the day half hairy. A quick 15 minute charge is all it takes for 10 minutes of use.

While the Satinelle Prestige would happily pull out any thick black hairs; albeit with more passes than we would have liked, it really struggled on finer ones. Здесь вы можете купить по доступной цене Эпилятор депилятор philips satin ice optima с насадками 2 скорости, Эпилятор philips satinelle hp6540/00, Эпилятор philips hp 6572/00. When it came to removal there were three things that hugely impacted the performance of the epilator: Holding the epilator at 90 degrees to your skin Hairs fall between 1/8 and 5/32 inches. This is not something that you can adjust. The comb is designed to trim your hairs to the correct length ready for epilation. Let’s take a closer look at each and how they perform. In-use Massage Cap The In-use massage cap is best used for those of you who are new to epilation.

Perfect for those of you who do not like your bikini area completely bald. We found that the comb was prone to popping right off with little effort during use. Take advantage of it if you have found yourself stuck with this epilator. Final thoughts We really wanted to love the Philips Satinelle Prestige. That is particularly loud and would explain why testers with sensitive hearing found the unit a little too loud to use on their face.

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