Инструкция двери tormax

инструкция двери tormax
Thanks to its quiet operation as well as balanced and coordinated door movements, this drive lends itself to almost every application in the interior of buildings. Подробное описание, технические характеристики (1 033K) Инструкция по эксплуатации (263K) Привод для распашной двери TORMAX SmartDrive 1101 Экономичный, тонкий, прост в монтаже и обслуживании. The passion to drive doors TORMAX | Landert Motoren AG | CH-8180 Bülach | We developed this powerful under-floor door drive specially for architectural designs which place extraordinary demands both on aesthetics and functionality. It can be used to automate both single and double leaf doors. The door opens automatically to its full opening width in response to the sensors on each side. AUTOMAT REDUCED For reduced heat loss. TX9600 series TORMAX Health Care Door System (HCD) is available as a new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) manual sliding door system.

Easy access for hospital staff is always convenient using the door system as a manual swing or sliding door. No matter how demanding your hospital or healthcare facility door requirements, TORMAX has the solution. Over 19 years experience Technologically advanced solutions […] more. Рассчитан на высокий людской поток Подробное описание, технические характеристики (381K) Инструкция по эксплуатации (1 846K) Тяжелые створки, большая нагрузка? Bottom Load Design The new TTX II Bottom Load unit provides the solution to maintaining the Architectural design for applications that have little or no headroom above the door.

Problem-free Plug & Play commissioning A single touch of a button and the intelligent TORMAX 2101 programs itself automatically. Side load design provides for convenient operator access from header face. Also, a unique conical/hexagonal shaped output shaft design eliminates arm slippage and minimizes costly repairs commonly found on competitive operators. Easy Teach-In configuration Only TORMAX sliding door drives have the intuitive Teach-In configuration.

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