Инструкция к дизель-генератору

инструкция к дизель-генератору
Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! Products like the Onan Diesel Generator can operate as your primary power source or as a backup power supply in the event of grid failure. Note: Much more fluid ls lost during summer than in winter. Power Systems Training Seminars | Generator Training Your Cat® dealer is the best resource to help you meet your energy needs in terms of products, service, and skills acquisition.

Loosen the nut and WARNING: remove the filter Do not perlorm the injection nozzle test near an open fire or any other kind of fire. Operator manual for Compact Portable Generators: Backup Power Series: WHS3000, WHS3000R, WHS5000, WHS5000R, WHS7000, WHS7000R Jobsite Rated Series: WCS3000, WCS3000R, WCS5000, WCS5000R, WCS7000, WCS7000R Detailing: safety, operation and maintenance. The Fuel may penetrate the skin and cause injury to the body. Generators supply power without being connected to the electric power grid by converting fossil fuels into electricity using a motor.

Mouse-over a field to get a description of what information needs to be entered in that specific field. In order to utilize the ability to edit the fields in this file make sure to open this document using Adobe Reader. Work with your local Cat dealer to get the best training and support for the life of your products. Longer periods of power without refueling means convenience and comfort for you! This site uses and sets «cookies» on your computer to help make this website better. When checking the oil, simply dip the dipstick into the oil pan. Do not screw in the dipstick.

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