Инструкция пользователя dji avl 58

инструкция пользователя dji avl 58
Here is the list of the parts needed to have a complete, RTF thermal imaging phantom. The product can be used in many applications requiring wireless video communication. Ensure the communication between the video transmitter and receiver is working correctly. 4 Both video signal and OSD information loss. Ground Station package includes both “ground” and “air” ends, and those are what actually talk to each other. Ground Station is described as a Bluetooth solution… so how does iPad use Bluetooth to talk to your Phantom 2 over such long distances?

November 6, 2014 See DJI have applied for a patent on a quadcopter with a unique transforming ability. The CAN BUS wire has been pulled into the shell and is connected to iOSD mini (via the CAN BUS adapter), which is, in turn, connected to the air end of 2.4G Data Link.Visualize how you’d like to stuff the components into the shell. When using a Zenmuse H3-2D and NAZA V2 combo, you do not need a CAN-BUS hub unless you decide to add an OSD and/or Bluetooth adapter. The 640 is an amazing camera, but at more than double the price of the 336, we decided it wasn’t necessary as of now. The Perfect FPV System for your drone — It’s Reliable and GPS Safe!! For a FPV system our requirement is simple, we want smooth and reliable video feeds on the monitor, that’s all.

This will work with either a PAL or NTSC video transmitter and overlay all this information onto your FPV goggles or monitor. This simplifies connecting these items and eliminates the need for soldering. PHANTOM 2 Camera Mounting Bracket In the kit Camera mounting bracket and screws Function Attachment for GoPro cameras and others. Connect the iOSD mini to the CAN BUS cable adapter, and the 2.5 Data Link Ground End into the iOSD mini. Here, I’ve split the 4 wires into 2 groups of 2.Here is the final wiring configuration. However, it’s easier said than done, when we look deeper into FPV System, we found a lot of problems, mostly about frequency jamming on Transmitter signal, GPS signal and the FPV signal, it’s a pain to find the perfect solution.

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