Audio 20 cd mercedes инструкция

audio 20 cd mercedes инструкция
Mercedes-Benz has released the first images of the infotainment systems offered in the new C-Class estate. You will find details in the equipment information for each model. The majority of their income is from selling unbranded and joint branded OEM stereos for many car manufacturers.

The navigation system can also be controlled via voice control system. And lots of fun.Equipment availability depends on the engine and configuration selected. Эти данные Вы найдёте в соответствующих разделах информации по оборудованию. Blaupunkt made OEM stereos for many car manufacturers and Bosch have recently started branding OEM stereos using the Bosch name.Hyundai MobisWere appointed by Mercedes to make replica stereos of the ones originally designed by BeckerCreditsThanks to TAIM and Bjorn for the service manuals. The navigation system can also be operated by voice control. Anything is possible in the CLA that represents fashionable infotainment nowadays.Equipment availability depends on engine and configuration selected.

Our multimedia and navigation systems are designed for easy, intuitive operation – so that you can focus on the road ahead. Its comprehensive features include an RDS/triple tuner with traffic information decoder (TP/TA), two USB ports in the centre armrest for external audio and video devices working with MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV file formats. The Audio 20 CD can be operated with the touchpad and is furthermore equipped with a CD drive (MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV-capable) and – in conjunction with the Garmin MAP PILOT or the pre-installation for the Garmin MAP PILOT navigation system – with an SD card slot.

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