Инструкция по использованию магнитола панасоник cq c5355n

инструкция по использованию магнитола панасоник cq c5355n
Page 33 Lights when each mode is activated. This manual should be retained for future reference after read. Press [VOL] (PUSH SEL: Select) to open the menu. CQ-C5355N CQ-C5355N… Page 8 ON). To select non-RDS stations, set AF to OFF. ( page 17) Lights while receiving an Frequency Preset Number FM stereo signal. Page 28: Troubleshooting Product Servicing If the suggestions in the charts do not solve the problem, we recommend that you take it to your nearest authorized Panasonic Sorvice Center. Panasonic is not liable for any problems resulting from your insulation fi lm, please seek immediate medical attention. prohibited.

Antenna Connect the antenna by plugging the antenna lead into the antenna receptacle. Veillez à ne pas endommager les fils de connexion. Ведь выбор сейчас очень большой. 7. Не стоит думать, что новые модели автомагнитол всегда дороже, чем предыдущие. Page 6: Power And Sound Controls Power and Sound Controls BASS/TREB/BAL/FADER BASS/TREB/BAL/FADER BASS/TREB/BAL/FADER Power If the vehicle is not running yet, turn the key in the ignition until the accessory indicator lights.

They will be needed to remove the unit from the vehicle’s dashboard. When a disc magazine is inserted, CD play starts automatically. Press [ j j ] to set the minute. Hold one lead against one pole of the battery and stroke the other lead across the other pole. Kit adapación · 3 bobinas · 12V Para la adaptación universal en cualquier Lgar adecuado en el vehículo (Por ejemlpo en Paneles) con Inbay. Radio a Compact Disc a To change to the tuner mode In case of CD changer mode or CD mode, press [MODE]. Selecting a Band Press [BAND] to change the band setting as follows.

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