Оптимизатор pimag инструкция

оптимизатор pimag инструкция
Using the STEP approach, minimal process impact occurred and significant savings were realised for the client, both in operational expenses and total project costs. As Hunter explains, “This project, because it happened in steps, so to speak, could be costed as a maintenance, not a capital, expense. Upgrading will allow the furnace to operate using a BFG-LPG fuel mixture at 1.200 kcal/Nm3, without any structural modification and generating a net saving of approximately EUR 4 million per year. Redhawk Stud Front coveralls are claimed to be Dickies’ most affordable workwear if economy is a requirement.

The heat recovery system will be put in operation at the beginning of 2017. The waste heat boiler, to be supplied by TENDigital Edition — July/August OVA, will be installed on the primary EAF off-gas line in parallel to the existing quenching tower and will produce saturated steam. They can be controlled by Control Techniques’ Unidrive M600, M700, M701 and M702 controllers. This is why on all breathing air purifiers the first stage of the purification process is a desiccant air dryer. Additionally, the company offered supervising services for erection and commissioning as well as operator training.

This means that much of the maintenance requirements, and even repair, can be performed on the plant floor, without major interruption to the use of the vehicle. Where the intumescent coating thickness exceeds the limits stated in the manufacturer’s recommendations, guidance should be obtained from the manufacturer. A full record should be kept of the survey. The former system suffered from obsolescence of the DC controlled pump motors and the reliability of the system had been reduced due to low availability of spares.

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