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Most users agree that the images captured by the camera are not that breathtaking but it does serve its purpose of taking snapshots of the game you want to hunt. Get as much or as little as you want into the shot with the great customization of the camera. As the first item on the list it’s a winner, and worth the money to get for your main game camera. The main reason for this is we do not know at what point the camera will quit working when the battery percent gets low. Mounting Use the mounting straps that came with your Moultrie game camera to prepare the camera for taking pictures.

Starting with just the regular trail cam function it appears to have a trigger time that is just over a second. Even though the camera works at that percentage, it will not tolerate repeated pictures long and will shut down. Still might need the External battery for insurance. 04-11-2011 update: We are now entering round three in this SD card compatibility phase. To ensure that nothing else caused any problems we have new batteries and we are in the middle of re doing the last test that failed. That may be the case with other cameras but what appears to be happening with ours is the shut down during the countdown is probably something to do with the battery save feature. In our case it shuts down and will no longer take pictures. That might not happen for a while, since many traditionalist have preferred Moultrie for years, and it would be a big change away from what the brand stands for. The reason for the comparison with that particular camera was my recent catalog reading were each manufacture made their claim about what to expect when one is deployed.

Since it would be a big pain to drive all the way out to the site, climb a ladder, make sure everything is back in place and then drive back home, this would be another feature for wireless cameras. Cons There really aren’t a lot of cons to this camera, only slight annoyances. The last thing they did to cut costs was actually pretty simple, and that is to be involved with one of the biggest corporations in the world, better known as EBSCO industries. Category: Camera Model Specific Questions Tags: Rating: 2.20455 Rate this article: 12345. Detection range is a nice 50 feet, making sure that even the fastest prey doesn’t get away. If you combine that with the flash range of 70 feet, you’ll soon discover that this is an all-weather, all day and night game camera. This Moultrie game camera has a black casing, TV-out cable and mounting cords that is perfect for any weather conditions. To get the best shots with more clarity, this Moultrie 2.1 MP camera features a 30 ft. flash that has the ability to turn off.

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