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The lessons contain not only the written lecturebut also actual cases teaching for students to learn. Left and right-handed compatibilityThe hardware itself is also equipped with a left-handed handpiece which users can conveniently change to match their own needs. See manual for details and limitations The W400 will equal or exceed any LED light within its class. No phony exaggerated 900 LUM ratings, battery life, or bloated animal identification range claims. Scan & Kill® Technology. An exciting and relatively new development in night hunting lights is the ability to zoom focus the beam.

The system can easily be upgraded with the tracking system and the interactive software. Доступны конструктивные варианты подшипников, используемые в настоящее время в наконечниках. Easy rotate bezel section which provides for complete control of light beam diameter and intensity in the range of one 360 degree rotation.
Насадки EMS для скейлера — G1, G2, P1 (всего 6 штук), эндочак. For example one brand of battery could have a 3.2VDC under-voltage PC setting and another could be 2.5VDC, which will result in a longer light runtime for the latter. The W-402ZF shown mounted on typical scoped weapon.

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