Nobicom mimo 20 инструкция

nobicom mimo 20 инструкция
Скорость отдачи UpLoad: Модем – 0Mbps, ANT-18 – 0,25Mbps, A-20 – 1,2Mbps, MIMO-20 – 1,4Mbps. This document will assist you in better understanding the system’s capabilities of and the ways in which it can be used in your research efforts. The guiding philosophy is to exploit the structure of the correlation of the channel vectors to permit a large number of base-station antennas while only requiring channel state information with reduced dimensionality at the transmitter. Modularized. ClickNP adopts a modular architecture for packet processing.

Likewise, the downlink throughput is also displayed and can be used in a similar way to assess the quality of the transmission in the downlink direction. The closed-loop scheme involves the user feeding back the index of the best training signal based on channel prediction, and this feedback signal is very compact. The reference is to the yans simulator from which this model is taken.

Собственно вся фишка и заключается в том, что каждый из этих сигналов передавался 2 раза. The paper also presents early MIMO channel measurement results obtained with a real massive MIMO array. These performance metrics can be used with the system as is and can also be applied to custom modifications made to the system’s PHY layer to provide users with data on how well their technology performs under conditions that more accurately reflect real-world deployments and not just simulations. The scripts in examples/wireless can be browsed to see how this is done.

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