Инструкция к lg f

инструкция к lg f
The camera on the LG G4 may not be stacked with multiple shooting modes, but the integrated Manual mode does offer the kind of DSLR-level controls and features that any budding amateur or pro photographer can appreciate. Note: The higher you set the ISO, the noisier your image will be. Using the white balance slider is a good way to adjust color and reflections at night and in low-light settings.

Exposure adjusts the brightness and contrast. ISO is the camera’s level of sensitivity to available light. The caveat, however, is that going too high on the shutter darkens the overall picture considerably. Remember, the higher the shutter speed, the easier it is to “freeze” the action. These colors can make some cityscapes look serene and other locations look more intimate. Indoors, you may need to ramp up the ISO or exposure to allow more light to seep into the sensor.

That’s why this setup is a little easier to pull off in bright daylight settings, but even if you want to do it indoors, there are some adjustments that can make it happen, too. Shutter speed dictates how fast or how long light is exposed into the sensor. The Images and other intellectual property on the LG Web site are the sole and exclusive property of LG. Your use of the Images displayed on this LG Web site, or any other content on the LG Web site, except as provided above, is strictly prohibited. The IMEI number you entered was not recognized. Also try using the auto-exposure lock to find the right balance for you, and then play around with the ISO and shutter to get the right mix.

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