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инструкция светодиодная лампа curing light slc-viii poly denta
Open, -ta andergradoate students, Alpha Kbppa pre- sents a pregnun of speak- rr8 desi^MNd to cover tlie many facets ol tbe bosiaess wortdi ‘ ? (Oantipiwd frmn Pa^ 1> , totaling 41,06^,428 . to e^^r balf tlie coists. Panel discuiwfon: / _.Today’s significant issues. -^ .TRA RIDING CI.VM. — . — T Sign up at KH 309 for rld« Sat. at Ride-a- While Stables. $2 fee. Mid local Itema of apontaneoua origin published herein. The ifGLA eeoree were 19-24, against Valley and 67-24 over Gel Poly.

Near campus. $86 mo. GR. 9-9510 e%ea. i_ ( F21) INTERNATIONAL House — all facil- itie.s. $67 mo. The Review, a publieaUon designed to acquaint busitoeas* ■aen with latest developsMata in maBBgementa researeb, ia laibliahad by the Gradaate Scboola af Buaineas Adaobii- stratiaa bm tbe Berkeley aad UCLA ciampuaas. spra ZBT quesUon^aod anawer period di- reeled at tbe rarioua candi- datea. For a full two min- . utes I quaked in fear, until I began to realize that a news- paper such as Mr. Cooper de- scribed» would never have printed his letter. The Associated Press is e«xclu8ively entitled to the use for reproduction’ of all nt/w dispatches credited to M or not otherwise credited In this newspaper. And when the vote was announced to the animals, word was passed gayly among them: «They have elected an A-S-S.» And a great united whinny of triumph set the castle walls to shaking, leaving cracks and splits unhealable. , … Then >he animals trooped in. Get Smart Redken Haircolor Decode professional haircolor with everything you need to know about Redken Haircolor Services and getting your best haircolor.

Where do we get the answers? Do you dare print the other side, or are you too busy organizing public opin- ion to support similar riots when the HUAC holds their meeting in Los Angeles this spring? Get an easy dry,natural look, and no product feelon days you can’t or don’t want toblow dry. The decision had to beiipade as to which ot. the two eould best serve the interests of the Daily Bruin and ‘student body as next i^Emester’a editor. Last Friday, against San Jose; Douglas smashed the 200 yd individual medly and 100 yd. backstroke records and then returned to the water on Saturday to chop thp 200 yd.

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