Русская инструкция скала райдер g9

русская инструкция скала райдер g9
This was very nice. A note about the intercom audio:One of our group has a strong voice. Подключите MP3 плеер к гарнитуре по протоколу A2DP и наслаждайтесь любимой музыкой в дороге. Не беспокойтесь пропустить важный телефонный звонок, ведь устройство автоматически вас переключит на входящий вызов, предварительно приглушив остальные источники звука. Being able to change sensitivity levels provides better results, even in a static but noisy test environment. Both of these features can be useful when travelling outside any normal listening region and beyond the range of the stored favourite stations, or when a general sweep of the FM band is desiredchange is good, right? Встроенная технология PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) обеспечивает компенсацию утери звукового сигнала в сложных внешних условиях и п. The range for us was at least a half mile and maybe a mile when we were line-of-sight on different hilltops.

One note about battery life:The PackTalk lady alerts of low at about 35% remaining. Note: Cardo will be adding more languages as well in the future. Not perfect, but really, really, really goodFirst, as everyone has posted all over the Internet, the manual kind-of stinks. It’s about 17 pages (the English Version) but really doesn’t help a new user get started. Все основные параметры можно однократно настроить заранее, а также использовать голосовые команды во время движения.

They say the all of the microphones are «hot» all the time in DMC mode. WELL, you cannot tell it! Conclusion Outside of the noise levels I have experienced (which may be peculiar to my environment) when using the Click-to-Link feature and the current dedicated A2DP channel issue, everything else under the Cardo G4 version 3.0 software upgrade works just fine. The settings are not well explained though and there are no examples in the updated manual, whereas the release notes provide one example. Она была разработана специально для любителей покататься на мотоцикле с пассажиром, или путешествий небольшими группами мотоциклистов. After the upgrade to version 3.0, both intercoms were reset to «zero» (no pairings). On the second Click-To-Link initiation, the other G4 beeped once and a voice link was established with an imperceptible delay — neat. With that player paused, the music player on the zumo 665 could be started — audio streaming would start almost instantly; unfortunately it was mono and no matter what combination or sequencing tried, it remained that way.

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