Инструкция honda jazz

инструкция honda jazz
But really, what car in our long-term fleet has more real-world legroom? Yes, the car fell off our 10Best list with this new generation, but that’s only because the entertainment factor took a nose dive. For the last 15 months, the most affordable, least powerful, and most utilitarian long-term car in our fleet has been a 2015 Honda Fit, living a lonely existence.

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But it wasn’t the paramour we wanted to take home on Friday afternoons. This results in the text shining through on the other side of the page. Even when cruising on the highway with the consumption leaning out to 37 to 39 mpg, the Fit only went more than 350 miles between stops twice in 171 fill-ups. With an out-the-door price of $18,225, Honda’s cheapest car costs a fraction of what many of our other 40,000-milers do. Rants and Raves Aaron Robinson: What’s with the tiny fuel tank? I just stopped with seven miles showing on remaining range, and it took all of 9.2 gallons.

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