Инструкция терминаля verifone

You can verify this by running your fingernail down the side of the paper – it should leave a line. Remove the paper roll and check for any jammed paper. For more reporting power and instant access to your merchant statement, Resource Online featuring the Instant Dashboard offers an at-a-glance view of your daily sales and settlement figures from any computer. Overview A complete media solution that’s sure to engage and impress. THE MX 915 BOASTS a vibrant display to bring messaging, advertising, and video campaigns to life—ideal for deploying a variety of value-added services like loyalty programs, gift cards, and top-up services.

When finished, replace the paper roll and close the compartment. If the paper advances from the printer during transactions but is blank: Make sure you are using thermal-sensitive paper, not plain paper. Swipe – the customer can swipe their card down the magnetic-stripe reader on the terminal’s right side. Press the [F4] key to select Void from the menu. To void the most recent transaction, press the [F1] key. There are several ways to identify the transaction to be adjusted. When the transaction detail displays, you can press [F1] to confirm that this is the transaction in which you’d like to add a tip. Customizable Promote upcoming sales and special offers, or reward your most loyal customers.

You can only add a tip to transactions in your current (open) batch. If the Tip Adjust option is not available on your terminal screen, call the Help Desk at 1-888-886-8869 to discuss modifying your setup options to add tip processing. For assistance connecting a peripheral PIN pad to your terminal, please contact the Help Desk at 1-888-886-8869. How to Process a Sale Transaction Press the [F2] key to initiate a sale transaction.  Verifone VX 520 Manual and Support Documents Save with Merchant Processors * Business Type: * Name: * E-mail: * Phone: * Security Code: A terminal and printer in one, the VX 520 is the ideal transaction system for merchants switching from paper to electronic payment processing. Purposeful design Brilliant 4.3” color display that’s sure to delight and captivate. Auto Settlement – if your terminal is set to automatically settle, it will automatically settle transactions in the current batch at a specific, predetermined time, within a 24-hour period.

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