Kenwood tk-308 инструкция

kenwood tk-308 инструкция
This has the effect of doubling the time required to transmit a message, but while a traditional repeater typically costs thousands of dollars and might be semi-portable at best, a simplex repeater can be set up with a single handheld radio and operated from batteries. Your KENWOOD dealer can help you select an antenna system that will best serve your particular needs. 5-2. Radio location Select a convenient location for your control station radio which is as close as practical to the antenna cable entry point. Для работы на полную мощность требует аккумулятора увеличенного вольтажа — 12в. или от внешнего источника питания (разъём для этого на радиостанции имеется).Переключение между режимами VFO и Channel mode очень затруднён, приходится делать конструктивные изменения-доработки. Page 47: Tx-rx Unit (x57-6980-10) (b/3), Tx-rx Unit (x57-6980-10) TXD1 OPT4 USEL OPT5 DGND AGND AGND STON TK-7180 Description CN301 (to TX-RX unit C/3) Reference signal otput to the PLL IC. Complementary signal output to the PLL IC. Ground. 5V output. Page 5: Clone Mode 2. When you enter the correct password, and “CLONE MODE” is displayed, the transceiver can be used as the cloning master.

Page 7: Installation 2. Radio Interface Cable (KCT-40 : Option) The KCT-40 connection cable kit is used to connect the TK-7180 transceiver to the KDS-100 (Mobile data terminal), KGP-2A (Modem GPS receiver), KGP-2B (Modem GPS con- troller) or through the KCT-36 extension cable. This is the manuals page for Other. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact Ground Signal input from charge pump block in the PLL IC. Page 48 TK-7180 Pin No. Name Description Data signal input.

Часть1) Русский Word 14402 kb AOR AR-5000 Радиоприемник (инстр. Дополнение к таблице цен на курьерские услуги * При нахождении точек маршрута в одной районе г. Минска цены снижаются на 5 — 10 % . -rok-operi-spisok.html советские рок оперы список ГлавнаяЦены на услуги. Fig. 7-2 TK-7180 Fig. 7-1 Spacer Speaker Speaker holder… Page 16: Circuit Description TK-7180 1. Outline The TK-7180 is a VHF/FM transceiver designed to operate in the frequency range of 136 to 174MHz. Transmission out- put power is 30 watts. Принципиальная схема и спецификация ферритовой приемной антенны (ФАП) от Р-140М и пульта к ней.

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