Festina f6703 1 инструкция

festina f6703 1 инструкция
During the course of time, Festina developed more and more technical sophistication, which you might not see on the first sight, but is well known to the connoisseur. This niftiness is the reason for the high worth of these watches. The company brings out a new “tour chronograph” every year, which instantly becomes a collector’s valuable. An absolute must for any cycling-fans!

Contacte-nos e teremos todo o gosto em ajudá-lo! The reason for the company’s success is their philosophy of selling high end watches at affordable prices. Festina watches combine function and design, to form a complete product, which stands for „Zeitgeist“ and individuality.Especially cyclists and cycling enthusiasts seem to have a great affinity towards Festina. These include mechanical automatic drives, that are combined to make dual timers with additional drives, or the hand-cut mineral glass, which is the reason for their high scratch resistance. Festina was founded in Switzerland in 1902 and is sold today, in over 65 countries world wide.

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