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Advertising Operating InstructionsDirect Drive Digital Turntable SL-DZ1200Model No. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read these instructions completely.Please keep this manual for future reference. PPThis manual was printed with soy based ink. RQT7114-Y. Its good for the POT. Place the brown bottom face up on a piece of paper. 14) You can now see the plastic slider. Deprecated: mysql_connect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in /httpdocs/Include/connect.php on line 2Technics manuals, schematics and brochures — Hifi Manuals Please check your e-mail in order to activate your account. ×. The wire colors on my tables are brown, red, orange, yellow. If your colors are different let me know.

The turntable will take care of itself, so all you really have to do is “push a button”, sit down and enjoy your music. Why? Well, in order to function properly, automatic turntables add gears and parts to a turntable that can affect performance and sound quality. For a basic unboxing setup overview, check our Technics 1200 Setup video: Want to read more?
Don’t forget to put that back on later. 11) look at the board from its side. Click here to view Turntable Lab’s selection of Technics replacement parts. The unit is fitted with a universal tonearm with removable headshell. This looks a lot more complicated than it is. So don’t get scared. -Unplug the turntable -Remove the needles -Be sure the tone arm is locked in place 1)Get a pillow and place the turntable upside down on it. 2)Unscrew all the feet. 3)Unscrew all the screws under the feet. Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited.

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