Pool master 230 osf инструкция

From each replication topology, pick one server (this could be master or slave) and let orchestrator know which hostname & port this server listens on. When considering automated recovery, downtimed servers are ignored. Furthermore, it will place a recovery lock on the instance.

The following assumes you will be using the same machine for both the orchestrator binary and the MySQL backend. If not, replace with appropriate host name. Topology changes require placing locks on the minimal set of affected instances, so as to avoid an incident of two uncoordinated operations on a smae instance (leading to possible chaos). Locks are placed in the backend database, and so multiple orchestrator instances are safe. This will enable SSL via the web interface (and API) so that communications are encrypted, like a normal HTTPS web page.
Javascript Must be enabled for proper function of this site. You may need to drag and drop your instance three or four times to put it in a «remote» location. This does not make for a recovery process. Complex refactoring is done by performing multiple such steps. The read_only property of the slve is unaffected by this operation. With the first two actions one can make any change to the topology, with the exception of moving the master.

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