Alcatel sigma 110 инструкция

alcatel sigma 110 инструкция
The message «Unlock done…OK» informs that process completed successfully. The handset gets reloaded, backup of firmware is saved. Some phone models require a particular procedure to be performed while using «Unlock via TestPoint» method. SmartMoto will give the message requiring to take phone into boot mode by pressing keys combination: *,#, PWR ON (at this moment the phone has to be connected with USB cable) or by using Repair cable. Ситуация поправима. Вы можете заказать инструкцию, заполнив форму на нашем сайте. Мы постараемся сделать все возможное, чтобы найти и отправить вам нужный файл на указанный адрес электронной почты. Онлайн-кредит за 5 минут Любой товар дороже 3 000 рублей, представленный на нашем сайте, можно купить в кредит.

Press Power button on the phone within 5 seconds after you press UNLOCK button on a Clip. RX/TX leds will blink. E/G led will glow green on success. Use default EEPROM (for repair only) this option allows writing new EEPROM zone to the phone and recalculating it according to the phone parameters. Press «Update» if the Smart-Clip version is out of date. Violation of this policy will result in your card / box being blocked. The cell phone is unlocked. M1000 variants with higher boot versions will require TestPoint procedure to be unlocked. Услуги по предоставлению и поиску инструкций — платные.

The handset is unlocked. * Compal models require to be connected to PC COM port via original COM data cable or using any COM port emulator. The phone Powers On and shows «Insert SIM» message. Mark «Unlock automatically» and press «Prepare Smart TestPoint» button. Use any other alternative tool to cut or drill it. The SmartMoto will automatically (no user intervention is required during the installation) install «Locosto flash interface» driver and display the following message: «reconnect phone and try again». Disconnect data cable from the phone, remove and insert the battery back to the phone.

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