Руководство инструкция и смс coreldraw 12

руководство инструкция и смс coreldraw 12
This way, the user knows that these links will perform a task, but their attention will go first to the button that stands out—without breaking standard design guidelines. For instance, if you have docking windows in your application, the documentation recommends that you make sure it can detect when the screen orientation is changed, and that the Docking windows properly reorganize themselves in a portrait or landscape orientation as needed. The third button, however, is a completely unacceptable size.

Spacing and Positioning Spacing between two controls is important. In Figure 1, you can see a simple User Information entry form—the top two text boxes are too close, the list under them is too far away, and there is a lot of unused room on the Form. Nesting..this my friends is where the price of Designer Edition will literally pay for itself. Following industry standards (however unstated they may be) makes your software easier to use.

The maximum width recommended (barring any seriously important reasons) is to double the original width. Let’s say we have a typical business application with an accounts section. Donezo! Designer Edition unlocks the ability to (much more easily) fill shapes with photos, as well, by using the My Patterns function. Buttons, check boxes, and other controls can be ambiguous and the user may not be sure what to do.

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