Schindler 3300ap инструкция по монтажу

schindler 3300ap инструкция по монтажу
But the main hall is too big for split unit air conditioning system to provide conditioned and quality air. So the centralised air conditioning system is used to provide adequate fresh cool air to the main hall. The walls are protected with Fire Rated Walls to ensure the building is able to withstand the fire for a certain of time to allow occupants to escape. The type of panel board used in this building is the metal enclosed panel board. The existing indoor air is recycled and recirculated unless there are openings to provide ventilation.

Should the well be ventilated through the machine room, this has to be taken into account. After that, the low pressure liquid moves into the evaporator (refer to and ended up in the compressor where the cycle is repeated. Air Cycle The air cycle between the interior spaces and the AHU room works together as one. The oil level has to be checked frequently to ensure it does not goes below the red line to improve travel quality. Piping system (refer to could be seen traveling on walls or panel from space to space as shown in Figure, connecting from their individual outdoor unit to their own personalize indoor unit.

This could be taken into account as an emergent solution. The refrigerant is condensed here turning it to liquid form. When fire is detected in the switch room, the flashing light above the door will turn red before the activation of the gas system.

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