Инструкция к volkswagen polo

инструкция к volkswagen polo
Firmer, lower sports suspension ties the front and rear of the Polo GTi down securely. Boot space measures 280 litres, but the folding rear seats expand that to a maximum of 952 litres. Instead the Polo GTI settles into a calm, quiet idle. The view bids panel does not automatially update. New wheel designs are part of the updated shape and some extra colours have been added to the body and trim brochures.The interior is simple and functional, with instruments that are easy to see and controls that fall easily to hand. Service history.Indicates the vehicle has a full, partial or some service history.

Those numbers, in this light little package, make this Polo a pointy little pencil. It’s also a handy gain over the 132kW 1.4 litre engine it replaces, and also scores a lot of extra torque compared to the 250Nm of the DSG equipped automatic version. Hopefully, only temporarily, because we love the styling and driving ability of the Up!.DESIGNVW Polo’s styling is neat and tidy, with revisions to the front and rear that see it with slightly sharper lines. The main features are good quality under the subcompact segment, good crash test results, and affordable price. You can save time and money by buying it now.

The skinny: When the new Polo GTI arrived in 2011 it lacked one vital element that purists long for — a manual transmission. Dig deep into the Polo’s reserves and you will be rewarded with a lightly brattish exhaust note. The front wheels are quick to respond to driver inputs, and the XDL electronic diff-lock works really effectively to counter torque steer and understeer.

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