Инструкция к радиостанции alinco cirfolk dr-112

Twin RX DR-635E2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/35 W10F3 DV option. Twin RX. Japanese market DR-735E2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/50 WDV option. Before you attempt to operate packet with your HT, be sure to see the Using Handheld Radios section of our BayPac Troubleshooting Page for some important tips. Twin RX DR-638H2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/40 WTwin RX DR-735D2 m/70 cmFM/NFM20/20 WDV option.

Please note that with the shunt installed, you are using the BayPac’s «internal» keying resistor. Twin RX. European market DR-735H2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/50 WDV option. The internal resistor in the BayPac should work just fine. CAUTION: Check your radio manual before you wire-up your HT. Most ICOM handhelds use mono plugs, but some require stereo plugs. Remember that it’s possible to DAMAGE YOUR RADIO or BayPac by incorrectly installing it!

The IC-281 for example, requires that both plugs be stereo. Twin RX. Japanese market DR-735T2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/50 WDV option. Twin RX DR-620E2 m/70 cmFM/NFM50/35 W10F3 DV option. You would expect this to be ground — but it isn’t! Note that the mic connector is a «stereo» plug. DO NOT connect anything to the «TIP» of the connector since it is connected to +5 volt power. There seems to be a total lack of standardization for pin-outs on mobile and base station mic connectors. There is even a lack of consistency within the same manufactures models in some cases.Many newer radios have a pin on the mic connector called «audio out». If you use this pin to drive the BayPac, be sure it is «high level» (speaker) audio.

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