Rani rjne henna paste инструкция инструкция

rani rjne henna paste инструкция инструкция
One six inches squar^’will last a man about ihree weeks. Fure^ flowers which are rubbed on the teeth to whiten them, and so, generally, tooth-paste. 38. The reed-mouse. Index finger of one hand hooked in the thumb or index finger of the other. A wink. Grey Hair: With the first application, Surya Henna Cream covers grey hair. The value of high rank, courage or strength. 83. Duchin da ke chikkin rua bai san anarana bai san anaiska ba.

All for nothing, all for nothing the bachelor prepares his private room, his bed and his mat. Animal noises, grunts, screams, and obscene language usually accompany these movements, all of which are attributed to the presence of spirits in the person possessed, and from the attitudes displayed and noises made is judged the identity of the particular spirit in control. Note verbal use of the substantives rana and iska. 84. Ko biri ya karie ya hawo runhu. Babake, to grow black, tan (cf. bakki, black). 54. Furtumi rakka matan shanu. A bullock following the cows.

This edible nut is not unlike the kola nut, but is not so highly valued. NoteyhW kul instead of the more n.Busi\ fari fat. 127. Kowa ya kuna ba shi taran kauri. The use of thermal bonnet results in a more intense colour. Enough of vague promises or pretences ; we want some- thing more substantial.

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