Инструкция термостата uni xh

PageCopy1On this page we offer you to view or download existing documentation and print them out at your desk. All important operating parameters and temperature values are neatly displayed on the touchscreen. The HMT-2258 Manual Rotary Microtome is a cost-efficient and compact unit designed to meet the microtomy needs of all standard histology laboratories. The S-XR6 model was identified by a red rocker cover with the «Tickford wings» badge, a revised head and cam saw a power increase from 148 kW to 161. The S-XR8 was visually similar but was powered by the standard 5.0-Litre «Windsor» V8 engine.

For added safety, the knife holder comes equipped with an attached knife guard to cover the blade when the instrument is unattended. More than 250 changes were made by the time a RHD conversion was finished. The glass basin is illuminated by LED light from the side allowing clear observation without glare against the black background.
Unistats are fitted with extensive safety equipment and are therefore suitable for unsupervised continuous operation. Прием заказов и отгрузка товара в новом году начнется с 09 января 2017 г. Однако, на нашем сайте в эти дни действует АКЦИЯ -5% НА ВСЕ ЗАКАЗЫ, размещенные с 31.12.2016 по 08.01.2017 Copyright «Санадом.Ру», 2017. The coarse advance wheel allows a controlled approach for efficient trimming. Wheels sizes did not differ although any model could now be optioned with the new Azzurro 18-inch wheels.[19] The following new colours were introduced: Winter White and Narooma Blue (which replaced Galaxy Blue midway through the series) while Liquid Silver was dropped.

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